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13 step evangelism plan

1. Call Dad to see what it would cost to have his company print a banner.
2. Have my secretary call other places to get prices.
3. Decide that my Dad's price is the best.
4. Order the banner.
5. Get the banner in the mail.
6. Have student install banner in front of church.
7. Get email from woman who drives by church, sees banner.
8. Correspond with woman.
9. Have woman come to church for first time since middle school, bringing three children.
10. Have woman ask you to baptize her.
11. Baptize woman.
12. Rejoice with woman's new spiritual family.
13. Marvel at the strange and wonderful ways that God works.

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Blogger Jessica - 2:39 AM

Wow....what a great story! There is so much work to be done. God has you in just the right place...    

Blogger not so zen momma - 10:27 PM


Anonymous Tim - 4:21 PM


My name's Tim, and I work with your Dad. I'm the one who actually printed the Cats for Christ banners for you. First of all, I'd like to commend your God-given artistic talent. The design is really first-rate. Secondly, I have to say your blog post is quite a blessing to me. I've been in the industry for years, and it's sometimes easy to lose focus -- to question the purpose of it all. But knowing that even one person has come to God through something I do for a living has made it all worthwhile. May God continue to bless you every day as you use all your talents for Him.    

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