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Here are things that I know (assertions and assumptions):

1. God led me to be single for three years.
2. God has led me to pursue wisdom in things that I do.
3. God has given me wisdom that shows me things that I need to do. (Doh! See? That's vague! Let's try that one again, this time with the specifics: 3. God has shown me, through a variety of experiences, what a dating relationship needs to be and how it needs to be run.)
4. God created Jessica.
5. God created me.
6. God created our relationship. (Both our friendship and our dating relationship.)
7. The very existence of Jessica is a testament to the existence and nature of God.
8. For some reason, God saw me fit to open Jessica to a relationship with me.
9. God led me to view this relationship differently than I have any other relationship, ever.
10. God amazed me by the nature of our relationship.
11. God humbled me by taking it away.
12. God is showing me that I'm not as humble before Him as I thought I was.
13. God is teaching me new things by not letting me have Jessica anymore.

Alright, some of those are more like conclusions than assertions or assumptions. Oh well. Here is something that happened to me based on all the above statements: I viewed (and still view) Jessica as someone radically different than any other person I know. I see her as something of an angel among people. If you know her also, you probably know what I am talking about. (Hehe, as if someone else is reading this.) I don't say this because she has some amazing ability or characteristic. I say this because of her heart. She is as close to blameless as any person I know. I'm not deifying her, I'm recognizing her innocent nature. She has sin in her, but it has penetrated her being less than anyone I know. This is amazing for one major reason: her life is surrounded by sin. Her family lives in chaos. Her alcoholic dad abandoned her as a child. Her parents brought on a terrible divorce. Her brothers revel in degredation. Her step family is one nasty situation after another. The daily life in her home is a circus. She came to OU and existed in the middle of an enviroment of sin, and then became an RA, where she sees the worst of it. BUT, if you didn't really know her, you could easily shake your head and say "poor, innocent, defenseless girl - she hasn't seen real life." Sorry buddy, she HAS - she puts YOU to SHAME. Jessica is a walking miracle of God. Miracles cannot be explained. Jessica cannot be explained.

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